Transforming their approach to reach intended audiences with an engaging, motivating, and fully integrated web & mobile platform.

Digital & Data reachability is the need of the hour, in this age of digital revolution, providing data and engaging the experience to the intended customers is the key. We fit all devices and screens. May be its a desktop, tablet or a smartphone, you can access the content seamlessly on them. We expertise in understanding the requirements of the base audience whom the content is targeted.


Decoding the problem statement

We had to develop a system for our client which should make their clinical trials data reachable to patients and intended audiences. The system should be unique and easily accesible to users over desktops, tablets & smartphones.


A Visual Interactive Experience.

The Design speaks a lot and enthuses the users. Hence we prioritize this a key stone for the product success. It was a complex and challenging task to maintain consistency across devices and mobile apps. We split the design strategy into two parts. One for desktop and mobile browsers and the other for Mobile apps.

We developed an interactive way of accessing study results for both the platforms - Web & mobile. The end user can volunteer to a trial recruitment center operating in a location near by him. This is presented through an interactive mapping system for which we have partnered with Google.



To build these big data driven applications are complex, we have made it simple by making one source for all the platforms, all the platforms connect to one source securely to process data, The data is pushed into our database from the public sources and from there we serve all the client platforms, We have used HTML5 & Java for building the Web-based & mobile Applications.

As we create stunning digital experiences and at the same time we give the greatest of importance to data privacy and data security, that's the most essential need of the customer. we ensure our technologies and product engineers meet this compliance on the highest of the priority.



The portal has been rolled out initially, and the mobile apps for the On-going Trials is available on Apple, Android & Windows Store. We are currently working on enhancements and new additions for the next releases.

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